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Nunavut Human Rights Tribunal

The Nunavut Human Rights Act was passed by the Nunavut Legislative Assembly on November 5th, 2003. The Act established a Tribunal that came into being 1 year later.

The Tribunal is a quasi-judicial body that is responsible for adjudicating human rights issues that occur in Nunavut.

The Tribunal encourages the Parties to an alleged act of discrimination to resolve the matter through mediation. If the Parties do not resolve the issue the Tribunal will hold a Hearing.

The Tribunal has five members, including the Chair. Members are appointed by the Executive Council of the Government of Nunavut for a four year term. Members are selected based on their experience in human rights issues and community and Territorial representation. The membership represents all three Regions of Nunavut.

The Tribunal office is located in Coral Harbour. Staff members are available to answer inquiries about the Nunavut Human Rights Act and assist individuals in completing an application (the Notification). The Tribunal retains Legal Counsel and a Mediator.

The Nunavut Human Rights Act identifies seventeen grounds of discrimination in five areas.

Contact the Nunavut Human Rights Tribunal at:

PO Box 15
Coral Harbour, NU X0C 0C0

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