About the Nunavut Human Rights Tribunal

We help Nunavummiut who have experienced discrimination or harassment seek a resolution in accordance with the Nunavut Human Rights Act.

Nunavut Human Rights Act

The Nunavut Human Rights Act (the Act) was passed into law by the Nunavut Legislative Assembly on November 05, 2003. The Act protects the equality rights of Nunavummiut and safeguards an equal opportunity to enjoy a full and productive life free from discrimination and harassment. The Act creates the Nunavut Human Rights Tribunal as a neutral decision-maker that Nunavummiut can go to if they feel they have been discriminated against or harassed by a person, business, agency, or government and want a resolution.

Application of the Act is to be done within an Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit (IQ) framework. The Act does not add or take away protections provided for in the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement.

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Nunavut Human Rights Tribunal

Established by the Act, the Tribunal is a quasi-judicial body that is responsible for adjudicating human rights issues that occur in Nunavut. The Tribunal encourages the Parties to an alleged act of discrimination to resolve the matter through mediation. If the Parties do not resolve the issue the Tribunal will hold a hearing.

Tribunal Members

The Tribunal currently has four Members, including the Chair and Vice-Chair. Members are appointed by the Executive Council of the Government of Nunavut for a four year term. Members are selected based on their experience in human rights issues and community and Territorial representation.

The Tribunal Members are appointed to evaluate and decide cases brought before the Tribunal. Tribunal Members are to be independent of their appointers (the Government of Nunavut) and impartial (without favour to anyone) in all proceedings before the Tribunal.

Tribunal Staff

Tribunal Members are supported by Human Rights Tribunal staff in Coral Harbour. Tribunal staff provide support and information to the public and are available to help anyone who thinks they might be the victim of discrimination or harassment to access the Tribunal’s process.

The Tribunal does not investigate claims of discrimination or harassment. Instead, the Tribunal functions like a court and decides whether or not discrimination or harassment occurred based on the evidence presented by the parties.

What is a Human Rights Officer?

The first person that you speak to in the Human Rights Tribunal office is likely to be a Human Rights Officer. Human Rights Officers are there to help you understand the practices and procedures set out in the Act and how to file Notifications. Human Rights Officers can make referrals to other agencies if necessary. They will also look after any special needs that you might have, such as interpreter services.

The Tribunal Office

The Tribunal office is located in Coral Harbour. Staff members are available to answer inquiries about the Nunavut Human Rights Act and assist individuals in completing an application (the Notification). The Tribunal retains Legal Counsel and a Mediator.

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