The following resources may help you understand rights under the Act and the Tribunal's process.

Law and Rules

  • Rules of Procedure
  • Nunavut Human Rights Act


  • What is mediation?
  • The Notification Process Chart
  • The Pre-Hearing Agenda
  • The Settlement Process – Download brochure
  • A Guide for Respondents
  • What is the Nunavut Human Rights Act?
  • A Guide to Filing a Notification


Annual Reports

  • 2016-17 Annual Report
  • 2015-16 Annual Report
  • 2014-15 Annual Report
  • 2013-14 Annual Report
  • 2012-13 Annual Report
  • 2011-12 Annual Report
  • 2009-11 Annual Report
  • 2008-09 Annual Report
  • 2007-08 Annual Report
  • 2006-07 Annual Report
  • 2005-06 Annual Report

Seeking Legal Counsel

Anyone who is considering filing a Notification or is listed as a Respondent is advised to seek legal counsel. Legal counsel must be authorized to provide legal services in Nunavut by the Law Society of Nunavut. The Law Society of Nunavut maintains a list of lawyers who are authorized to provide legal services in Nunavut on its website. It also explains the cost and process for a lawyer from another Canadian jurisdiction to get authorized to provide legal services in Nunavut (see

If you are unfamiliar with getting legal help, start by contacting:

Nunavut Law Line: 1.866.606.9400 (toll-free)

Other helpful resources are:

Keewatin Legal Service Centre: 867.645.2536
Kitikmeot Law Centre: 867.983.2906
Maliiganik Tukisiiniakvik: 867.979.5377


Under section 38 of the Act, Applicants and respondents may appeal decisions made by the Tribunal to the Nunavut Court of Justice. Applicants and Respondents may obtain information about how to file Appeals by contacting the Clerk of the Court at

Clerk of the Court
Nunavut Court Justice
Iqaluit, NU X0A 0H0

Tel: (867) 979-6100
Fax: (867) 979-6168