Delaney Drachenberg Tribunal Member

Delaney G. Drachenberg is a young métis person currently living in Iqaluit, Nunavut. Originally from Manitoba, Delaney spent a few years of their childhood in Rankin Inlet, as well as various other communities across Canada. They moved to Iqaluit in 2013 with their parents, going to school and completing a high school education in the community. Delaney has been involved in social equity work since they were around eight years old, beginning with organizing a teddy bear drive and volunteering at other various charity events and campaigns. This work extended into opportunities such as being a keynote speaker, working with specialists from around the world on matters such as mental health and gender identity, doing consultations with the federal government on issues affecting transgender and gender diverse youth in the north, and even being accredited with influencing the decision to change the Nunavut Human Rights Act in 2017 to include gender expression and identity as a protected right. Their work highlights intersectionality and heavily draws influence from their lived experience as a young, disabled, indigenous trans person.